petek, 07. december 2007

Honey bee

Photo credit: by dnhoshor
I chose this photo because I like flowers and bees.

četrtek, 06. december 2007

December and holidays

Hooray, one of my favourite months is here: December. December is one magical month, it's all about holidays, gifts and having fun. Let's start with holidays. First of all, on the sixth of December there is Saint Nicholas (it is called »Miklavž« in Slovenian language). Although I am a bit old for this stuff, I am still delighted by all the sweets and fruit that my mother puts on the table. Secondly, there is Christmas. On Christmas, I stay at home with my family and enjoy the peace and felicity. That means very much to me. Finally, there is the New Year. It is one of the holidays I am most excited by, I just cannot wait to raise my glass with champagne and wish a happy New Year to my friends and relatives. And by the way, by »having fun« I meant skiing, which I think is one of the best sports ever!

nedelja, 28. oktober 2007

Some of my pictures

I and my bees

Our combine

Internet and I

I started using internet like three years ago. I was looking for second hand car. I think internet is really great, because it's fast, convenient and you can find lots of information there. Moreover, you can even watch short clips and movies on and other pages.

Our farm

My family has a big farm in Šempas. It's a turist farm. We serve traditional and local dishes to our visitors. Our farm is well-known of good salami and wine. We also produce our own wine and sell honey and propolis. We have 40 beehives and other animals like pigs and bulls. We received several awards for our products: golden medals for salami, golden award for limetree honey and golden medals for ham. We grow food on our own for this animals, because we have enough land for production of food. The thing I am very happy about is that we have combine with which we harvest our own corn and harvest corn for other people.

petek, 12. oktober 2007


I am Martin Cernatič. I live in Šempas, a small village in the west of Slovenia. I am a beekeeper. I have many bees (40 families) and I sell honey.